2016 Nationals Video. Reminder of Registration and January 21st Shoot

Here’s a little something that I put together to get people thinking about going to the Nationals again this year!  It’s a video of most of my Stages at the Nationals last year in NS.  GREAT FUN! Also, we are going to have our 1st scheduled shoot of the year on January 21st (weather permitting of course)! Unless it is a proper storm someone will be out there to do some shooting; my goal is to conduct a minimum 4 Stage Level I match for any, and all, of our regularly scheduled Matches. Don’t forget to pay your 2017 Registration; as our year now runs from Jan – Dec.  Annual Membership is $70 of which a portion goes to IPSC Canada for National registration.  We will always have someone from the Executive available to collect your registration – which must be paid prior to shooting your first match of the year.  We will have Registration forms available as well.  You can also email the completed form to:  membership@ipscnl.ca IF YOU CHOOSE TO EMAIL YOUR REGISTRATION FEE, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE YOU HAVE EMAILED THE REGISTRATION FORM!  ONCE YOU HAVE THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION NUMBER (from your EMT), WRITE THAT NUMBER ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR COMPLETED FORM OR SEND IT ALONG IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL  – this ensures that we can track who sent which monies.  As for a question and answer to receive the EMT ON OUR SIDE – use something simple like “What year is it?”  We have had people send money and the questions were not that easy to answer. The form is located as the IPSC Membership Application under the ‘ABOUT US’ tab on the main homepage. Take Care and I’ll see you at the Range! Rick Crane, IPSCNL Section Coordinator

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Rick Crane

Hello folks, I'm just a regular guy that enjoys the action shooting sports. I participate in Steel Challenge and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). It's all great fun and I encourage folks to go to your local range and give it a try.

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