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IPSC Dec 13th Scheduled Match Reminder.

Good Day IPSC Shooters, There will be a shoot planned for this Saturday that will be mainly steel but will have some targets as well.‎ Note : This will not be an IPSC official qualifying match however it will still be a lot of fun. We will shoot a quick qualifier (like a steel shoot but a bit more than a steel shoot), everyone will get ranked by time; and then we will shoot two stages. It will be a winner-loser bracket to determine the winner on the day BUT WILL HAVE A SHOOT OFF between the winners bracket and the losers bracket to determine the days overall Champion! Stay tuned for more details. Rick Crane will work out the specifics before Saturday and we will post them on the web and Facebook. If the weather cooperates, it will make for a fun day at the range so let’s get out on Saturday and finish off the year with a good turn out. See you at the Range! Rick Crane‎, IPSC Newfoundland & Labrador Communications@ipscnl.ca Website: IPSCNL.ca

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