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2015 Memberships Are Due – Reminder June 4th, 2015 Good Day IPSC NL Members, This is just a reminder that the 2015 IPSC annual membership fees are due now. We need to submit our membership list along with our registration payment to IPSC Canada to ensure our NL members will be able to compete in this years Canadian Nationals in Ontario. If you haven’t already done so, please ensure you send your annual membership payment as well as your completed application ASAP to membership@ipscnl.ca .  As a reminder, we can now accept email money transfers (EMT) payments using the membership@ipscnl.ca email address.  You can also mail your application and payment to : IPSC NL 3 Damien St. Paradise NL A1L 0J7 On May 27th ,   I mailed out all of the 2015 membership cards that I had complete information for, so you should receive your membership cards very soon. There were a few people that renewed their memberships,  however I have not received applications yet so I am still waiting on either valid mailing addresses or Black Badge numbers. If you haven’t sent this information in yet please do so as soon as possible so I can get your membership cards out to you. This year the cards are laminated, similar to the SJRG membership cards. This is due to ease of print and efficiency purposes moving forward. I apologize for the long wait on receiving your Membership cards for 2015. With the new process now in place , I will be able to get the cards out to you a lot quicker in the future. Finally , in your envelope you will receive a match schedule as well as a few membership cards. I would encourage you to share these cards with friends and fellow shooters that may be interested in getting into our sport . Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you at the range at our next match on June 6th! Thanks , John Last PostNext Post

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