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2016 IPSC NL Match Schedule

2016 Match Schedule IPSC NL
Hello Fellow Shooters, The following is the intended shooting schedule for our IPSC NL Matches for 2016. As you will notice, we have booked some Saturdays and some Sundays to allow more shooters to participate.  Some shooters may not be able to make the Saturday-only matches.  We are starting in May and continuing through to October.  In previous years, we had planned for matches every 3rd weekend throughout the year – equalling 17 matches.  By alternating our match days and adding the Thursday evenings; we have the opportunity to shoot 20 times in our best weather.  We all know how the weather affects our ability to shoot here in NL and prior to this year we rarely shot more than 10 matches throughout the year.  We certainly hope that this allows for an increased participation from the membership.   You will notice that there are some Thursday evenings booked throughout the summer; especially in the lead up to the IPSC Nationals.  The Nationals are being hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia this year from July 27th-August 1st.  Here is the link to the official website site.  2016 IPSC Canadian Nationals.  See the webpage for complete details.  This is certainly exciting for our NL shooters.  The Thursday evening may just be used for practice sessions amongst the shooters that participate or we can certainly run a few stages on those evenings.  We did this last year and it can certainly be expanded this year. The IPSC NL Provincials are scheduled for June 24th-26th at the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club.  This is one month before the Nationals.  We will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the conclusion of the Provincials, as outlined in our constitution for IPSC NL. We will soon be announcing the dates for a Range Officer (RO) Course as well as a Black Badge Course.  Stay tuned for that – more shooters and more RO’s is always a good thing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Executive Committee though either of our Social Media outlets listed above.  Someone will respond to you ASAP
Month   Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
May   19th   14th 29th
June   2nd, 16th, 30th   11th  
June IPSC NL Provincials 24th 25th 26th
July   14th   9th 24th
August   18th   13th 21st
September       10th 25th
October       15th  
Sub-Totals   6   6 5
Provincials     1 1 1
Total Shooting Days 20 6 1 7 6

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