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Upcoming 2018 Black Badge Courses

See the attached poster and information.  Just a quick reminder about the Black Badge Certification courses coming up this season.

Pass it along to anyone you know that may be interested!  Interest is certainly up this year and we are planning on making it a memorable season of shooting.

Click here for the Registration Forms

Rick Crane, IPSCNL Section Coordinator

Website Update – Shooting Schedule, Black Badge Courses and Provincials

Hello ALL,

I hope that all is going well with you.  If you are reading this, that’s great – however, I’m in the process of creating a large email list.  It has come to our attention that some people have tried to subscribe to this website and had a problem completing the process.  Regardless, you are reading this so all is good; however, if you wish to be added to the new distribution list please send a quick email to  section.coordinator@ipscnl.ca  with a quick message to be added to the DL.

I may switch to using a distribution email list as opposed to having people register to this site.  Lots of folks just want to be added to the loop and get an email, without having to go and register.  That’s fine with me.  I just want everyone to be getting the same message a one email distribution list allows that.

The website is now updated with scheduled matches, Black Badge Certification Course information and out 2018 Provincial Match info.

Please go view the info and let me know if I missed anything, something is wrong OR you would like to announce anything IPSC related as I don’t have a problem passing along info for you.


Rick Crane

Section Coordinator, IPSCNL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from IPSCNL

Hello Shooters, The Executive for IPSCNL hope that you are enjoying the festive season and getting a chance to spend time with family and friends. We are looking forward to 2018 and are planning a shooting schedule that will benefit everyone and provides an opportunity for all shooters to get out and enjoy the sport! The 2018 IPSC Canadian National Championship is being held in Selkirk, Manitoba in August; and for the 3rd Consecutive year we are planning on having IPSCNL shooters at this event! If you are interested in getting to shoot a Level 3 Match (and work at a Match of this size); please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Executive Members. See link below. 2018 IPSC Canadian Nationals IPSCNL always has a fun time at this Level 3 shoot! Remind that our Annual IPSCNL Membership Expires Dec 31st and we can start taking member registrations at any time. Take Care everyone and keep your gear ready to go! Rick Crane Section Coordinator IPSCNL

2018 IPSC Canadian Nationals Aug 13-18th

Hello shooters,  

Just wondering who may be interested in going to shoot at the 2018 Nationals in Selkirk, MB in August?  It’s a Level 3 Match and all are welcome.  Selkirk has a new multi-million dollar facility for this event.

One of the benefits of being in a smaller IPSC Section is that if you want to attend a large Canadian Competition we can always register people in under our Division Teams.  If you’ve never been to a large match – it is quite the experience!  When you are shooting – you shoot only!  When it’s time to work – you work BUT you get to meet loads of great people.

Here’s the link for more info – not much on the site now.  2018 IPSC Canadian Nationals in Selkirk, MB

I’m currently looking for accommodations for our Teams; such that we can all stay together if people want to.  We’ve done this in the past and it’s great fun.  I have a line on some houses that we can rent, not far from the range.  Cook our own meals and relax in the evening by the fire.

So, if anyone is planning on attending and would like for me to track down accommodations for us – text or email me.  I’d just like to know how many we can plan for and what divisions people are shooting.

Hope to hear back from you!

Rick Crane

Section Coordinator IPSCNL



Results From Saturday’s Match, Nov 18th 2017

Hello folks,

Well, it goes without saying that the weather last Saturday was spectacular for November.  We had LOADS of food in a warm trailer and it was a great day for shooting!

The results are posted here:  IPSC Handgun Match L1 Results Nov 18th 2017

We had Roger MacDonald complete his Black Badge Certification by safely completing the match on Saturday!  Congrats to Roger.

We had many folks that have completed their Black Badge Certification this shooting season and we look forward to seeing them on the Range.

Rick Crane


We’re gonna be warm! Match on Nov 18th 2017

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No rain in the forecast, single digit temperatures BUT we are gonna be warm when we shoot!  We have a 33′ Trailer coming to the Range.  I’m bringing a 7500W generator to run some heaters and coffee pot.  Monty (from Monty’s Restaurant) on the TCH in Whitbourne is going to be bringing soup and sandwiches and we will schedule some warm up breaks!  The weather is calling for 8*C but it’s gonna be a fun shoot!

Bring out your lunch and some warm clothes.  You’ll do just fine!

I have 4 stages done up and here’s what you’ll see at the range for our set up.  I have some keen stages made out of this.  Set up starts at 8:30am first shots at 10:00 am.  Let’s get out and shoot, eat and have fun!  $10 for the shoot as usual.

Hope to see you all at the Range.  If I’m late for some reason – everything is still going ahead!

Rick Crane

IPSCNL 709-765-8991

Come and get some!


Last Official Outdoor Match for this year – Nov 18th

Hello folks, I hope that everyone is doing well and isn’t too excited about the new gun toys that Santa might bring for Xmas! We are having our last official match on Saturday and we’d love to see everyone out for it! I’ll have a bunch of small stages done up to keep everyone moving. Mother Nature has been kind to us all year, let’s hope she’s gonna work with us again this weekend. Bring a snack because we plan on having lunch in a warm trailer with some coffee and tea hopefully. Set up will start at 8:30am – first shots scheduled for 10:00am. Many hands makes light work! $10 to shoot as always. Looking forward to seeing you on the Range! Rick Crane IPSCNL 709-765-8991Hardware that was shooting at last match!

Level I Match Next Weekend Nov 18th

Hello folks,

Obviously we aren’t having a match this weekend – it’s Remembrance Day!  Make sure that you take a moment to remember all of those people that gave, and some that continue to give, themselves to ensure that we have the freedoms that we get to enjoy on a daily basis.

Next weekend, Nov 18th, will be our last official match for 2017.  I’m hoping that the weather cooperates with us so that we can get out and have one last match with lots of shooters and fun.  Monty is going to bring his trailer again and we will plan to have some heaters going in there so we can enjoy lunch in the warmth.  I’d love to have as many people as possible there as well because I’m going to be putting together the shooting schedule for next season and planning matches across the island, as well as the Provincials.  Lots to discuss.

We will plan to start at 10:00am as normal.  Set up will start at around 8:30 so the more hands the better.  Regular match fee of $10.

Let’s see if we can get some more Black Badges awarded.  Congrats to all of the new Black Badge Certified shooters this season!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the range.

Hope to see you at the range!

Rick Crane


Squad 308 at the 2017 Nationals in Kananaskis, AB

IPSC Match on Saturday, Oct 28th, 2017

Hello shooters,

These shooting season is winding down BUT the weather is doing it’s best to let us get out for a few more matches.  Right now we are going ahead with our match.  Setup will start at 8:00am sharp on Saturday as we want to get shooting as early as possible.  Help is always welcome so come on out to help set up.  Many hands makes light work.  Match fees are $10 as normal.

We still have a few Black Badges that need to be presented at the shooter’s first match – let’s get everyone certified!

We will have a trailer on the range to load and have our lunch in.  If it’s cold we will just turn on our heaters and away to go.  Great chance to discuss next season’s shooting schedule, Provincials, matches across the island and off-the-island matches.  See you then.

Rick Crane


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