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Level II IPSC Match in Halifax

This message is for anyone that may be travelling to Nova Scotia and would like to shoot in a weekend match.

Registration is now open for the IPSC Nova Scotia Level 2 match to be held the weekend of March 11/12 at the Atlantic Marksmen Association in Dartmouth. Please read the following very carefully and respond as requested. Something’s different. On Saturday, March 11th – we will set up the match at AMA. Set up will begin at 3 PM. Once the stages are finished construction; the workers will gear up and shoot the match then.  On Sunday, March 12th, there will be a morning and an afternoon squad. The Morning Squad will register at the range at 8:30 with a first shot scheduled for 8:45. The Afternoon squad will register at the range at 12:15 with a planned first shot for 12:30. The afternoon squad will tear down the match and put the props away after they are done shooting. Everyone in the afternoon squad is expected to remain for tear down.  If you want to shoot the match, Please email shansen@bellaliant.net with the 6 pieces of information:

  • Your Name. 

  • The Division you want to shoot in. (Production, Standard, Classic, Open)

  • The Power factor you are declaring (Major or Minor)

  • Your preference of when you want to shoot. (Rank the three times) ie. (1.Morning 2. Sat Night, 3. Afternoon)

  • If you are an IPSC Range Official. 

  • If there’s someone special you want to be squadded with.

If you shoot on Saturday night and you’re an RO, I might ask if you can do an RO stint during one of the shooting periods on Sunday – it depends on how this experiment works out. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests and it will be on a first come, first served basis so please respond ASAP. If you have emailed me before now about the match, it didn’t count – please respond to this email with the information I request above. That’s it – I’ll let you know how squadding is looking about mid week. One Final Thing – the Spring Bang – our two day match in April on the 1/2. – Registration will open for it a little earlier than usual, likely around Match the weekend of the 18th. Same deal as usual; email registration. Thanks for reading along DVC Sean.

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Rick Crane

Hello folks, I'm just a regular guy that enjoys the action shooting sports. I participate in Steel Challenge and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). It's all great fun and I encourage folks to go to your local range and give it a try.

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