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Sample Stages for April 2017

Hello shooters,

Here are a few of the stages that I put together for our matches here in April.  You’ll notice that I tried to restrict movement around the range as we have no idea what the weather will be like or whether the range will be safe enough to move around freely.  There is a storm on it’s way for tonight and a serious dump of snow for tomorrow (APPARENTLY)!  Click the link below to see the Stage Designs.

IPSCNL 7 Stage April 8th 2017

I just think that it’s time for it all to melt and go away so we can get back out there on a regular basis!

Next scheduled Level I Match is for next weekend, April 8th and then again on the 29th.  First Black Badge course is booked for May 6-7th.  First Steel Challenge Shoot is scheduled for the evening of May 9th!

Also, I have sample shirts for everyone to look at and try on so that we can put in the order for our Club Shirts.  the designer/manufacturer emailed me recently to remind me that his orders are starting to increase as people get back into shooting and we should make our order sooner than later.  Remember, the costs for the shirts goes down with the more people that order them.

See you at the range,

Rick Crane, SC IPSCNL

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Rick Crane

Hello folks, I'm just a regular guy that enjoys the action shooting sports. I participate in Steel Challenge and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). It's all great fun and I encourage folks to go to your local range and give it a try.

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