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Steel Challenge is Starting May 24th

Hello Handgun Shooters, The weather is changing and there are many people excited and looking forward to getting back on the range. We are excited to announce that the Steel Challenge is going to be back in full swing this year. Marc Cooper had been taking care of this event but passed the torch so that we can get it back in action. We appreciate everything that Marc and Megan have done in the past and we still look forward to seeing Marc and Megan on Tuesday nights when they can make it. As of now, Rick Crane and Gerry Carr have stepped forward to take care of things this season. Notes from Rick and Gerry: • We are planning on shooting the Steel Challenge on Tuesday evenings starting around 6:00pm. The 2016 season will start on Tuesday, May 24th. • Our intention is to set up two (2) stages each evening. These stages will be laid out beside each other on Range C, so as to be used at the same time. We will start the season using one stage and will start using 2 stages once we have enough equipment. The intention is to have 2 shooters and 2 RO’s at any given time. (One shooter on the range with the 2nd shooter standing by ready to shoot upon completion of the first shooter). • We are going to be asking that shooters pay a small fee per evening to offset the cost of purchasing new/replacement equipment for the purposes of these ongoing events. At this time, we think that $5 for the evening is reasonable. We currently have to replace all of the posts required and are looking into constructing a new set of bases to facilitate the 2nd stage. • We are planning on using Range Officers that have completed the RO course outlined by IROA. • If we can make it happen financially; we will register our group as an official club under the Steel Challenge Shooting Association. There is a small fee associated with this. • Steel Challenge allows for shooting in a wide range of categories and calibres (from .22LR up to .45). We are encouraging everyone to come out and give it a try. *** This is the general concept of Steel Challenge; *** Steel Challenge scoring is simple: your time is your score! Shooters require a holster! The stages are generally shot from one standing position. Each stage consists of 5 targets, commonly referred to as plates. 4 are standard plates, and the 5th is designated as the stop plate. Each of the standard targets must be hit at least once before hitting the stop plate, to avoid incurring penalties. Competitors may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary for each string of fire. The worst string on each stage will be thrown out, and the total of the remaining times will be competitor’s score for that stage We are excited to be shooting the Steel Challenge again this year and look forward to seeing as many shooters as possible at the range. If you have never seen a Steel Challenge shoot, drop by say hello and see how simple it is to participate. Regards, Rick Crane & Gerry Carr

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