Tony Mackey Memorial Shoot Saturday Oct 10th , 2015 – Reminder

Good Day IPSC Members, This is a reminder that this weekends IPSC Match will be cancelled due to the Tony Mackey Memorial Shoot which is scheduled for Oct. 10th at 10:00am. Match fees are $10 (minimum, plus whatever donation you would like to make) and all proceeds will be donated to the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club For any IPSC NL members that are not able to attend the match, but still wish to make a donation on behalf of Tony you can send an Electronic Email Transfer (EMT) payment to membership@ipscnl.ca and we will forward your donation to the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club as per the Mackey family wishes. DVC ————————————– From the IDPA Website: Sponsored and organized by IDPANL, this is an event in recognition and memoriam of our late friend and fellow club member Tony Mackey, who passed away this past January. As well as making a number of significant contributions to the St John’s Rod & Gun Club, and especially to the development of the rifle and pistol events and facilities, Tony really enjoyed cowboy action shooting. And for good reason! It is a lot of fun. This will be primarily a steel shoot, for ease of scoring and target setting, with a minimum of paper targets. For those of you who have never participated in cowboy action shooting, it is similar to 3 gun but with a minimum of movement and styled in the fashion of the Wild West. Participants are encouraged to wear period costume, including cowboy hats, boots, etc. Stages are themed, and typically full of good humor. Firearms are center fire revolver (single action only, or double action fired in single action mode), lever action rifles, and single or double barreled shotguns (or Winchester 1897 pump actions). If you do not own a firearm of this kind, don’t worry. There will be plenty available. Just bring ammunition. Cast lead or soft point rifle ammunition (.30-30 Win is widely used) and 12 GA lead birdshot (no steel shot), please. Coastal Outdoors sometimes has cowboy action specific ammunition in stock. Match fees are $10 (minimum, plus whatever donation you would like to make) and all proceeds will be donated to the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club per the wishes of the Mackey family. The shoot is open to all members of the St. John’s Rod & Gun Club and their guests. It is scheduled for Saturday, October 10, with a start time of 10 AM.

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