Classifier Stages Sept 25th 2016

Hello shooters, There is a Match scheduled for Sunday, Sept 25th 2016; however, all of the stages will be Classifiers. The match still costs $10 per person to register. If you wish to have your scores submitted for Classification it will cost an extra $10 to be paid to IPSC International to process the scores and generate the Classification [the money is not for me!!!]. ($20 in total)  I will be submitting the scores online using WinMSS. The stages are attached. We sent numerous shooters to the Nationals this year without a Classification. If you haven’t submitted the appropriate information in the last 2 years then your Classification has expired. So, I am conducting this weekend’s shoot as an opportunity for shooters to shoot the minimum number of Classifier Stages and they can submit the necessary info to receive a classification; if they wish to do so. Please review the links below as they explain a lot about this process. If you are unsure about how to ‘classify’ or what it involves, see the following links: What is a Classification? Classification – Frequently Asked Questions IPSC Classifiers for Sept 25th 2016 I have chosen nine (9) possible stages to set up; only four (4) are required for a Classification but if there are eight (8) or more stages in the system, they will use the best four (4) stages to determine your classification.  The minimum round count is 91 to complete the 9 classifiers; so plan to bring extra. I’m looking forward to this.  The stages MUST be set up as outlined in the attached stage designs!  Any and all help with the stage layout will be appreciated as it takes a little time to measure off the distances properly.  The stages are simple in design but we would appreciate any, and all, help with the layout. I will be at the range around 8:00am to start with the layout.  First shots are planned for 10:00am.  I look forward to seeing as many of you out there to have a relaxed shooting day. Rick Crane, Section Coordinator, IPSCNL

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Rick Crane

Hello folks, I'm just a regular guy that enjoys the action shooting sports. I participate in Steel Challenge and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). It's all great fun and I encourage folks to go to your local range and give it a try.

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